Technology Wise Domains Databases

Technology Wise domains database are Single Downloadable File.

The Data contains the Domain Name, Registrant Details, Address, Contact Details, Country, Registrar Details etc.

Instant Activation & Download post Payment.

Technology Wise Domains Data is basically filtered by Development Technology in which the website is developed like, wordpress, drupal, laraval, shopify, open cart, magento etc.

24 Hrs Online Support through Chat.


Plan NameDomains CountPriceOrder Now
All-Asp Dot Net-Sites857082$199.99 USD
All-Codeigniter-Sites559488$199.99 USD
All-Drupal-Sites611298$199.99 USD
All-Eloqua-Sites12369$199.99 USD
All-Joomla-Sites1508509$199.99 USD
All-Laravel-Sites754018$199.99 USD
All-Magento-Sites245290$199.99 USD
All-Opencart-Sites449343$199.99 USD
All-osCommerce-Sites46083$199.99 USD
All-PrestaShop-Sites320152$199.99 USD
All-RackSpace-Sites606128$199.99 USD
All-Ruby-on-rails-Sites1144345$199.99 USD
All-Sales force-Sites60163$199.99 USD
All-Shopify-Sites3900346$199.99 USD
All-Sitecore-Sites17570$199.99 USD
All-Taboola-Sites94091$199.99 USD
All-Typo3-Sites291306$199.99 USD
All-Volusion-Sites8966$199.99 USD
All-Vue-Sites1956391$199.99 USD
All-Webflows-Sites344901$199.99 USD
All-Wordpress-Sites16984812$199.99 USD
All-Squarespace-Sites2850077$199.99 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Newly Registered Domains Database?

There are approximately 150000+ new domains are registered from world wide. When you Subscribe for the plan, you will get the list of newly registered domains and their whois information available for public.

What Kind of Informations you provide in your Newly Registered Domains Database?

This Data bases contains Domain Names, Registration Date, Expiry Date, Registrant Name, Address, Email ID, Contact Number, City, State, Country, Registrar Name and many more.

How Soon you can get the Downloadable Files?

The links to download the Newly Registered Domains Database are instantly provided after getting the confirmation of the payment.

Is using the whois information is Legal?

The Data what we provide in Newly Registered Domains Database should be used for Legal purposes. You should not use the data for spaming and the responsibility will be yours.


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